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Gratiot County - Newark Township & North Star Township

Complaint Resolution Procedures

Heartland Farms Wind Energy Project, LLC has implemented the following complaint resolution procedures for the Heartland Farms Wind Energy Project (Project). These complaint resolution procedures shall remain active during construction and operation of the Project, unless replaced in the future by a revised plan approved by Gratiot County. The Project has established a telephone number hotline, email address and written complaint form for the general public to call or submit any complaints of violations of the Zoning Ordinance or zoning approvals applicable to the Project. The hotline number, email address and written complaint form is provided herewith and is publicized and posted online in order to ensure that the general public is aware of the information. The hotline number and email address is conspicuously posted at the Project laydown yard, and at the Project owner's Project office. Each call and written complaint shall be logged by the Project owner, and such log shall identify the name, address and reason for the complaint.

The Project owner shall acknowledge receipt of each complaint within a reasonable time, not to exceed within 5 (five) business days, and shall take necessary actions to resolve complaints within a reasonable time, not to exceed thirty (30) days from the receipt of the complaint unless impractical and in which case the Project owner shall notify the County and the complainant of the estimated timeframe to resolve the complaint.

During the construction of the Project, the Project owner's point of contact for the designated Gratiot County representative for addressing complaints related to construction activities is Richard Hayden, phone number (716) 395-5551 and email address: HeartlandFarmsHotline@invenergy.com. Richard shall respond to inquiries from the designated Gratiot County representative. Once the Project has reached commercial operation following the conclusion of construction activities, the Project owner shall maintain permanent operational contact information with the designated County representative, including a designated representative of the Project owner along with a phone number and email address, complaint form and a 24-hour emergency contact phone number.

No monetary deposit or fee is required for a person to submit a complaint.

The Project owner shall notify the County of all complaints received and of the resolution of such complaints on a monthly or bimonthly basis and the project operator shall retain copies of complaints for a minimum of two years.

Wind Energy Project Complaint Form

Please submit this completed form to Heartland Farms via the below online form, separate email or mail.

Via Email: HeartlandFarmsHotline@invenergy.com
Via Mail: 128 N Pine River St, Ithaca, MI 48847
You can also make a complaint by calling: (716) 395-5551

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